mask sizing guide

Every face is different, but here's our best recommendations for how to find the right fit for our face masks.

If you like measuring: 

Hold a straight ruler up to the cheek and measure the distance from the bridge of the nose to the bottom of the chin in a straight line. Compare to this chart to see which size will fit best. Hint: these measurements are not including the contour of the nose, but rather a straight measurement of the distance from top of the nose to chin. 


If measuring is not your thing:

You can use our best guess age recommendations, keeping in mind this varies depending on height and weight.

kids extra small fits most toddlers, approximately age 2 - 4

kids small fits most kids age 5 - 8

kids medium fits most kids age 9 - 12 and also some adults up to approximately 158 cm (5'2 inches) 

adult small / medium fits adults taller than 158 cm up to approximately 173 cm (5'8 inches)

adult medium / large fits adults taller than 173 cm (5'8 inches)


Please note: these are general recommendations only. If you still need help figuring out the right size or have any questions, please send us a message.