more love project

A collection of previously loved animal friends, looking for new homes, and new humans to love.

While the more love project grew out of the desire to minimize our environmental footprint, it also comes from the need to make sure everyone (and every doll) gets a chance to love and be loved. And maybe too, because imagining a fox doll alone in a closet somewhere leaves me in tears. Maybe.

But mostly, the more love project is about the idea of community: of teaching kids that sharing feels good, and that saying goodbye isn't in itself a bad thing. It's about the importance of history, and the rich tales that come with each person's experience. And it's about making sure everyone gets a chance to tell their own story.

So here's how it works:

When it's time for your gogo • martin dolls to move on, we'll take them back on consignment, along with their story: tell us what your buddy likes to be called, what your favourite thing to do together is, or maybe what happened on your greatest adventure.

We'll give your dolls a bath, mend any worn parts, and offer them for re-sale here, at a reduced price. When they head off to a new family, they'll share your story about your adventures together, we'll send you the proceeds, and every buddy wins.

If you'd like to hear when previously loved dolls are available, you can sign up for our adoptions list here: