what we do


Much of what we do starts with a drawing or sketch of an idea that we try to bring to life. Inspiration often comes from nature, a simple walk through the woods, or a really good story. The tiniest things can grab the imagination, and observation is a favourite tool. From these drawings and ideas, we make our own patterns and sew each one, adding many details by hand.



And yes, things are a lot slower this way, but we believe that there is value in slowness, in deliberate and thoughtful actions. We believe that taking care is something we can teach kids, and that it's an important step in learning to care for themselves, for each other, and hopefully the world they inherit from us.



We choose natural materials, beautiful cotton-linens and oeko-tex certified wools, and are committed to using sustainable practices, both in the studio and in the life our products have out there in the world. Our initiative, the More Love Project, is meant to reduce waste by refurbishing dolls and finding them new homes.   

Everything we make is designed to inspire kids to tell their own stories and dream up their own adventures. We believe in the importance of play, for kids and grown-ups alike. Not only for what it can teach us, but for the magic that comes from imagining, and the shared connections you can make when you imagine a story together.



Our Manifesto

Kids need space and time to grow.
They need open-ended toys that encourage imagination.
They need beautiful things that teach them to care.
They need magic to fill them with wonder about the world.
They need to play in nature, get dirty, and fall down.
They need to play pretend to learn empathy for others.
They need grown-ups to play along with their games and follow their rules.
Kids need to tell their own stories, so they can build the world we all need to see.