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quick and easy easter egg cozy

quick and easy easter egg cozy

white felt chicken egg cozy shown covering an egg with a yellow napkin and spoon on a wooden table

These little egg cozies are super easy and quick to make, and can add a bit of fun to your breakfast table! All you need to make them is some felt in contrasting colours and embroidery floss. 

Download the free pattern here. Cut out the pieces and gather your materials. Here's what you'll need:

  • wool felt, in 3 different colours: one for the body, one for the beak and one for the comb and tail feathers. 
  • embroidery floss in 2 colours: one for the body and one for the eye in contrasting colour of your choice (or you could also use a fabric marker to make the eyes instead)
  • permanent fabric marker (optional)  
  • scissors
  • needle

Cut out the pattern pieces in felt.

Use a simple blanket stitch to sew along the edge of the two body pieces. You can watch a video of how to do a blanket stitch we did in an earlier blog post here.

Continue with the same blanket stitch as you sew through the tail feathers, the comb and the beak, being sure to pass your thread through the loop on the front side to keep it consistent.

Lastly, add a little eye on both sides of your hen. You could also use a permanent fabric marker to do this step if you want to make it easy for younger kids.

And you're done!

If you make these at home, be sure to share a picture with us! Tag us on Instagram or comment and post it below. Happy crafting!

My son just asked why it isn't a giant chicken that comes into our house to bring us treats at Easter... I think I'm having an idea for next year 😉

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